What colour are you? A focus on Blue

Blue is a good colour to wear in the power dressing game. It creates respect for the wearer and gives them authority, but without intimidating colleagues and clients, thereby allowing the wearer to successfully put forward new ideas or elicit information.

Unlike black, the other colour of authority in business, blue does not detract from what the wearer is communicating. Blue also occupies a unique position as the working uniform of all sectors of society, from the smart city business suite to the ubiquitous blue denim jeans.

Colour therapists use blue to treat a variety of complaints: fear; insomnia; shock and tension.

‘Blue’ people are caring, helpful and intuitive. They are often also quite insecure and shy, although they hide this well. Once part of a committed relationship, they are devoted and loyal partners.

According to Edgar Cayce, an American psychic, people who prefer blue ‘have found their work’.

Pale blue is usually chosen by people who have retained a childlike innocence and trust.

Blue is the colour of amethyst and Pisces and the colour of mourning in Mexico.

Blue decor makes a room appear larger and colder than it is in reality.

Blue is a calming colour, having the ability to decrease blood pressure and the heart rate. Therefore it would not be surprising to find cardiac units in hospitals with blue decor.

Symbolising peace and tranquility, blue is good for meditation.

In heraldry, piety and sincerity are represented by blue.

Blue has been used symbolically in religious paintings: from the sixth century blue, rather than gold, came to represent Heaven and from the Middle Ages the Virgin Mary has been portrayed in blue.

The phrase ‘blue movie’, referring to obscene films, may have originated from the blue flame of burning sulphur of brimstone.

A rejection of blue implies that the respondent is anxious about something, may feel as though they have failed in some way or be worried about losing their status or wealth.

A preference for blue implies that the respondent is in control, reliable, dependable, also possibly aloof and desiring order and peace.

Blue is used to convey a host of messages: fidelity, safety, spirituality, truth, eternity, faith, loyalty, peace, heaven, nobility, prudence, wisdom and chastity.

But what colour are you?  Perhaps you’re a red person?  Or what about green? More colours to follow in future blogs, and in the meantime, take a look at some of SDC’s other colour resources.

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