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International Summit on Textile Coloration

Sustainability is at the heart of this forthcoming event in Sri Lanka, which takes place on 8th March and is organised by SDC International.

Most people will be familiar with the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes in the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale. This summit will play the role of Andersen’s small boy and tackle some of the difficult questions around technical innovation and environmental sustainability within the textile coloration industry.

One thing is certain, the world is changing fast and colourists have to recognise the challenge.

  • Retailers and brand owners demand the best performance at ever decreasing prices
  • The cost of natural resources and labour are increasing worldwide with consequential impacts on margins in static or decreasing prices markets
  • Challenges include unsold retail inventories
  • Global markets are increasingly turbulent with the rise of online selling channels
  • Eco-friendly products find it difficult to leverage higher prices from purchasers

The summit will look at these issues and more. The first session of the day focuses on compliance in colour management with a panel discussion and presentations on innovation in instrument assessment, visual assessment and colour/trend forecasting.

The next session looks at the challenges of compliance in the coloration of textiles. The presentations will focus on innovations in 3D digital printing and pre-treatment, amongst others.

The final session of the day looks at compliance in fashion and how to make fashion ‘greener’.

The summit will be an opportunity to meet some of the people who are driving the change and using the new innovations. It’s a chance to consider what the opportunities are for the future. Who will pay for the increased cost of sustainability? Is fashion the most polluting industry? How toxic are the clothes that we buy? How organic is organic?

There’s further information, including a programme and downloadable booking form, on the SDC website.  Do keep checking the website for an update on speakers. The summit costs just £30 for SDC members, and £40 for non-members to attend and takes place at BMICH Colombo, Sri Lanka. We hope to see some of you there.




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