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Emerging trends in green textiles and green fashion

Gokhale Education Society was established in 1918 and has 17 centres, with over 75 institutions and 4,000 staff. SMRK-BK-AK Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Nashik, is a women’s college that was established in 1985 and is part of Gokhale Education Society.  The Department of Textile Science and Apparel Design at the college, in collaboration with SDC EC, organised a one day state level seminar on “Emerging Trends in Green Textiles and Green Fashion” at Nashik on the Centenary Celebration of Gokhale Education Society.

Inaugural Function

The function was graced by the presence of President Prof B Devrajah, Joint Treasurer, G E Society, Dr (Mrs) Deepti Deshpande, Seminar Director, Principal SMRK-BK- AK Mahila Mahavidyalaya, HRM Director Gokhale Education Society, Nashik, Dr Kavita Patil, Seminar Convener, Vice-Principal and Head, Textile Science and Apparel Design, Ms Suvarnareha Jadhav, Chief guest of the inaugural function, Mrs Sadhana Deshmukh and Dr Mohini Petkar, Vice-principals, SMRK-BK- AK Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Mr Naresh Bhatt, Trustee, SDC EC, Sandeep Singh, Vice Chairman, Mumbai Chapter, SDC EC, speakers from various colleges and institutions from all over Maharashtra, staff members, delegates from various places and students were present for the function.

The inaugural function began with a Ganesh Vandana performed by XIIth Home science student Ms Renu Valke, Miss SMRK 2018, followed by the SNDT University song. Dr Kavita Patil, Seminar Convener, Vice-Principal and Head, Textile Science and Apparel Design gave an introductory speech and emphasised the importance of promoting green textiles and green fashion to the young generation. The honourable Prin Dr (Mrs) Deepti Deshpande gave a welcome speech. She highlighted the inception to the centenary progression of Gokhale Education Society. She took the opportunity to extend her words of gratitude towards SDC for the collaboration and congratulated the organising committee and contributors.

Chief Guest of the inaugural function Ms Suvarnareha Jadhav, Design Thinker, Consultant of Natural Dyes and an active Social Worker, Mumbai addressed the audience and encouraged them to carry on the art of their grandmothers. She said “keep learning from the young generation.” She emphasised the effect of colour on the psychology of a person. She has worked with artisans, students and also did traditional craft documentation. She inspired students to connect with the young generation towards traditional natural dyes with recent technology in order to retain the traditional textiles.

Then Mr Naresh Bhatt, Trustee, SDC EC Mumbai introduced SDC and encouraged the delegates to become members. He also informed everyone about the “Young Talent Search” competition of 2018 organised by SDC which is on the theme “Best out of Waste.” He mentioned that SDC is the only authorised organisation to give a “Chartered” designation to colourists.

In his Presidential address Prof B Devrajah, Joint Treasurer of Gokhale Education Society mentioned the ambience and enthusiasm of SMRK-BK-AK Mahila Mahavidyalaya College. He said that “apparel proclaims the man” which means whatever he wears defines his personality.

The inaugural function came to an end with a vote of thanks by Ms Pradnya Abhyankar, Asst Professor, Textile Science and Apparel Design. The inaugural session was anchored by Ms Sneha Ratnaparkhi, Lecturer at the college.

Technical Session I

Topic: Sustainable fashion trends

Ms Rajkumari Bhatia, Fashion / Education Consultant, Mumbai

Ms Bhatia expressed her concern on sustainability and also suggested sustainable fashion trends. She highlighted the importance of zero waste. She focused on recycling, reusing, reforming, researching, resourcing, reconstructing and reviving of textiles. She also focused on upcycling and appealed to upcoming designers to be creative using upcycling methods in fashion. She suggested the idea of using yarn techniques for utilising textiles and making zero wastage at the same time.

Topic: Global Trend Spotting-Spring Summer 2018

Mr Aniket Satam, Designer and Trend Consultant, Mumbai

Mr Satam explained the trickle-down theory. He also introduced the new colours for the spring season 2018. He focused on using innovative design using a single colour which will be suitable for Indian as well as for western outfits. The main point he focused on was the growth of digital printing on textiles as it will help in saving water. The focal point of his presentation was the inspiration that is to be taken from the history of India. He also believed in sustainability along with designing of the fashion garments.

Technical session II: Poster Presentation Competition  

There were 15 posters from all over Maharashtra. Five poster presentations were from SMRK –BK-AK Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Nashik. Five of the posters were guided by Dr Kavita Patil, Seminar Convener, Vice-Principal and Head dept. of Textile Science and Apparel Design.

Two prizes were declared for the poster presentation. The posters were evaluated by Ms Suvarnareha Jadhav, Ms Rajkumari Bhatia and Mr Aniket Satam.

Technical Session III

Topic: Rogan Art Painting

Prof Nayana Mhatre, Educationist, Fashion and Textile Design Professional

Prof Mhatre touched on the topic of the traditional paint that is Rogan. She mentioned it to have its origin in Nashik and now it’s only one family which has kept this art alive. She explained the making, method of application and the preparation of colour paste. Earlier natural dyes were used but nowadays pigments are used. Once the colour is made it lasts for two months. She also stressed the traditional art of Rogan and its sustainability. Likewise she also emphasised the need to popularise the art.

Topic: Environment Impact and Sustainability

Mr Roshan Sah, COO, Auditor/ Technical Assistant of STS, Dystar, Mumbai

Mr Sah highlighted the pollution increase caused by the textile industry in India. Not only air but water and soil pollution has increased. He explained about Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), which is a system by which pollution can be controlled. He also emphasised the importance of sustainability and reducing, reusing, recycling of the existing textiles in order to reduce pollution.

Topic: Development Processing and Utilising of Green Textiles

Mr N K Skandamoorty, COO, Polygenta Technologies Ltd

His unit is into polyester manufacturing and recycling. His company produces polyester fabric resembling cotton but not natural cotton. Around 27-30% of textile waste is collected every month. The unit itself recycles this waste and makes new products. The company does chemical recycling of polyesters so that there is zero wastage and also polyesters become 100% recyclable. Along with this he showed a need for sustainable polyester products. He too underlined reuse, reduce and recycle of the textile waste.

Valedictory function

The event concluded with a valedictory function. Mr V R Sai Ganesh, Hon Chairman, SDC EC, India Region was the chief guest. The President of the Valedictory function was D Dhanesh Kalal, Prin BYK (Sinnar) College of Commerce, Nashik and Seminar Convener Dr Kavita Patil were seated on the dais.

Dr Kavita Patil announced the winners of the poster presentation. Prof Medha Umarikar and Ms Ashwini Bedre won the first prize for the poster titled “Use of Solar Cooker for Tie and Dye on Silk Fabric with Dry Flowers of cosmos” from College of Community Science VNMKV, Parbhani.

Ms Shital Amle and Ms Aparna Harale bagged the second prize for the poster presentation titled “A Journey of banana fibre” under the able guidance of Dr Kavita Patil from SMRK-BK-AK Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Nashik-5.

The event ended with a vote of thanks.

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