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If you’re new to SDC, we ‘educate the changing world in the science of colour’.

What colour are you? A focus on Blue

Blue is a good colour to wear in the power dressing game. It creates respect for the wearer and gives them authority, but without intimidating colleagues and clients, thereby allowing the wearer to successfully put forward new ideas or elicit information.

Unlike black, the other colour of authority in business, blue does not detract from what the wearer is communicating. Blue also occupies a unique position as the working uniform of all sectors of society, from the smart city business suite to the ubiquitous blue denim jeans.

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Wearable Prints

Wearable Prints, 1760-1860, History, Materials and Mechanics by Susan W Greene

This newly published epic volume arrived in the SDC office, and is an impressive encyclopaedic guide to wearable printed fabrics.

The result of many years of research and study, the book looks back at the early methods of printing dress fabrics.  The dyes, the processes, the designs and the industry are all covered in detail and beautifully illustrated with photographs, diagrams, drawings and charts.

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