Colour for our future

Paul Santokhi, Chairman and Secretary of the Northern Ireland Region of the SDC reports on a recent event

The  Northern Ireland Region of the SDC continue to work hard in the provision of important industry connections for the students of Belfast Metropolitan, University of Ulster and NCAD in Dublin. As established college members of the SDC, the annual SDC International Design Competition provides students with a platform of exposure to leading international and local fashion brands and students have constantly achieved high success rates of winners and internships.

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Recent advances in colour science

With thanks to Dr Muriel Rigout for reviewing this recent SDC event.

The SDC’s North of England region met for an interesting lecture evening on the 25th February 2015 at the University of Leeds. The committee are particularly indebted to Dr Christine Holdstock for, while the programme was advertising talks by Professor Lin (entitled Towards More Environmentally Friendly Coloration) and Dr Natalia Sergeeva (From Nanotechnology to Photomedicine – Functional Dyes Based Materials), Dr Sergeeva was unable to present due to personal circumstances. Dr Holdstock kindly agreed to present on a related topic, namely Functional and High-Tech Applications of Modern Specialised Dyes, at short notice.

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ZDHC – the beginning of a revolution?

Dr Muriel Rigout report on this recent SDC North of England region event, which focused on ZDHC.

If ZDHC sounds to you like a random combination of letters probably arisen from the idle or accidental depression of keys on the author’s keyboard, then do read on.

Indeed, the combination ZDHC is not appearing on this blog due to sloppy editing, but is in fact an acronym that you soon will not be able to avoid if you intend to live a normal life in the field of coloration.

The letters ZDHC stand for Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals, and they are used to refer to the programme formed by brand members and retailers in association with other stakeholders (eg dyestuff and chemical auxiliary suppliers) to ‘catalyse positive change in the discharge of hazardous chemicals across the product life cycle’.

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