Sustainable Innovations in Coloration

Dr K S Murthy (Pidilite Industries Limited) gives his personal review of the SDC EC National Conference, which took place on 6th June 2014 at the Textile Committee Auditorium, Mumbai, India.

The Chairman Mr Ullhas Nimkar welcomed the audience and briefed them about SDC activities and the theme of sustainable textiles which has been growing in importance. A paradigm shift of industry from the West to Asia, mainly India and China, has resulted in a decrease in European production and hence it has become necessary to address the new challenges through sustainability initiatives and develop new standards for test methods. Challenges are dynamic and changing rapidly including Manufacturing Restricted Chemical Substances (MRSL) just launched by Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC Group). The Indian chemical industry including dyestuffs and finishing chemicals has to comply with this because textiles contribute to exports from India.

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Global Sustainability Initiatives

Hazardous chemicals and the impact of the Greenpeace Detox campaign on the textile dyeing and printing supply chain.

North of England region event. 24 September 2014, 6.15 –9.00pm, Mercure Norton Grange Hotel, Castleton, Rochdale OL11 2XZ

The textile industry is on the cusp of dramatic change. It is facing increasing pressure from NGOs as well as tighter regulation and rising costs. Developments arising from the ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) Joint Roadmap present a challenge as well as an opportunity. For some, dyehouses are obvious and very visual examples of poor practice within the textile supply chain. Discoloured effluent and water courses, unpleasant smells and the perceived use of dangerous chemicals are just some of the problems associated with poorly run dyehouses. However, for many retailers, dyehouses are part of the supply network that is sufficiently far away from their business for them to be to be considered someone else’s problem. And for those responsible retailers who want to minimise the impact of their supply network the coloration and finishing industry is complicated and difficult to influence.

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