Textiles and DNA – what’s the connection?

Andrew Filarowski takes a fresh look at an intriguing connection.

It has been argued that the discovery of DNA as well as our understanding of its structure and functioning may well be the most important discovery of the last century. The effect of the discovery of DNA on scientific and medical progress has been enormous, whether it involves the identification of our genes that trigger major diseases or the creation and manufacture of drugs to treat these devastating diseases. In fact, the identification of these genes and their subsequent analysis in terms of therapeutic treatment has ultimately influenced science and will continue to do so in the future.

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Where can textile colour education take you?

SDC member Kate Lloyd reports on her colour education and membership journey.

The SDC have approached me to write a little about myself and about my involvement with them. I don’t really know what to tell you, except I feel so lucky to have access to a resource that so effectively brings together designers, technologists, students, academics and industry experts to share their thoughts, ideas and expertise on colour.

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Recent advances in colour science

With thanks to Dr Muriel Rigout for reviewing this recent SDC event.

The SDC’s North of England region met for an interesting lecture evening on the 25th February 2015 at the University of Leeds. The committee are particularly indebted to Dr Christine Holdstock for, while the programme was advertising talks by Professor Lin (entitled Towards More Environmentally Friendly Coloration) and Dr Natalia Sergeeva (From Nanotechnology to Photomedicine – Functional Dyes Based Materials), Dr Sergeeva was unable to present due to personal circumstances. Dr Holdstock kindly agreed to present on a related topic, namely Functional and High-Tech Applications of Modern Specialised Dyes, at short notice.

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