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British Science Festival takes over Bradford

Once again the British Science Festival visited Bradford to great success and the SDC was honoured to collaborate with organisers, the British Science Association, on a number of key events. This year’s Festival took place over four days, with an exciting programme of over 120 talks, performances and installations in 25 different venues across Bradford. Over 8,000 tickets were reserved for booked events and many more visitors attended drop in evening events.

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Textiles and DNA – what’s the connection?

Andrew Filarowski takes a fresh look at an intriguing connection.

It has been argued that the discovery of DNA as well as our understanding of its structure and functioning may well be the most important discovery of the last century. The effect of the discovery of DNA on scientific and medical progress has been enormous, whether it involves the identification of our genes that trigger major diseases or the creation and manufacture of drugs to treat these devastating diseases. In fact, the identification of these genes and their subsequent analysis in terms of therapeutic treatment has ultimately influenced science and will continue to do so in the future.

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What colour are you? A focus on grey

We start with problems over the name – is it grey or gray? Either way, it’s a colour between black and white. However, it is achromatic, meaning literally that it is “without colour”.

The first recorded use of grey as a colour name in English was around AD 700. Although ‘gray’ was commonly used in the UK until the mid 20th century, now ‘grey’ is the dominant spelling in the UK whereas ‘gray’ is the preferred American spelling.

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