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What colour are you? A focus on Blue

Blue is a good colour to wear in the power dressing game. It creates respect for the wearer and gives them authority, but without intimidating colleagues and clients, thereby allowing the wearer to successfully put forward new ideas or elicit information.

Unlike black, the other colour of authority in business, blue does not detract from what the wearer is communicating. Blue also occupies a unique position as the working uniform of all sectors of society, from the smart city business suite to the ubiquitous blue denim jeans.

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Recent advances in colour science

With thanks to Dr Muriel Rigout for reviewing this recent SDC event.

The SDC’s North of England region met for an interesting lecture evening on the 25th February 2015 at the University of Leeds. The committee are particularly indebted to Dr Christine Holdstock for, while the programme was advertising talks by Professor Lin (entitled Towards More Environmentally Friendly Coloration) and Dr Natalia Sergeeva (From Nanotechnology to Photomedicine – Functional Dyes Based Materials), Dr Sergeeva was unable to present due to personal circumstances. Dr Holdstock kindly agreed to present on a related topic, namely Functional and High-Tech Applications of Modern Specialised Dyes, at short notice.

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A colourful start to the school day

Over the past six years SDC’s Colour Experience team have been actively developing a very successful programme of educational activities for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 (up to seven years old). As part of this development we are continually looking for innovative ideas to engage young children. When we were approached by SDC member Malcolm Campbell CCol FSDC to link in to his involvement in a programme for the children’s BBC channel we were naturally very keen to work together.

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