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Meet the finalists

The grand final of the SDC International Design Competition 2015 takes place in November at the Fashion and Textile Museum in London. We are delighted to present our finalists from around the world, all of whom have won the regional heat in their own country. The competition is open to fashion and textile design undergraduates in participating countries.

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Fashion Textile Museum

SDC International Design Competition: a global platform for talented designers

With the Grand Final of the SDC International Design Competition 2015 approaching, the excitement is building as the participating countries select their finalists. The grand final takes place in London at the Fashion and Textile museum (which can be seen in the image above) on 23 November and we will welcome the finalists from around the world. Open to fashion and textile undergraduates, the competition runs in 13 countries worldwide and much of its success is due to the amazing work of our regional coordinators who promote the competition and arrange the local heats. We asked some of them about their experience of the competition.

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