A “World of Colour” in London

Colour is recognised as one of the most important aspects of the design of any product.  London College of Fashion (LCF), a world leading fashion and design college, hosted the annual “World of Colour” event in partnership with the London Region of Society of Dyers and Colourists (SDC).  Four of the UK’s leading colour specialists and drivers of today’s global high street fashion and sales markets, shared important insights into the art and science of colour selection, manufacture and branding.

Colour Spectrum

Richard Ashworth, SDC Colour Experience manager demonstrated and explained “colour perception” and the amazing interaction of how our eyes and brains work to give us the sensation of colour and how colours are not always what they seem to be.

Colour SpiralRaf Mulla from X-Rite, a leading colour measurement company introduced “Colour by Numbers” explaining our ability to measure light and reflectance in a way that closely replicates how we perceive colour.  He showed how the world can now communicate and control colour digitally faster and more accurately than ever before.

Maria Koutsoudakis, Lingerie Marketing Manager for Marks and Spencer explained the importance of colour to every brand and the extensive process of evaluation carried out to get the colours just right. Rebecca Earnshaw from M&S presented a fascinating colour challenge and skilfully engaged the audience to clearly demonstrate the super power of brand recognition through only the use of colour. Maria continued with examples of brand recognition through the spoken phrase – “Well you’re worth it” – need I say more?

Kathy Lewiston, Freelance designer, shared her experience of how major high street brands collect and follow trend information, how this is then distilled to suit the target customer and the seasonal colour palette is created. Kathy presented a wonderful story brought to life with historical printed paper and silk samples kindly provided by M&S demonstrating the development and changes in industry following the rapid technical innovations in CAD systems.

Over the years the “World of Colour” has achieved the reputation as a high calibre event and continues to draw the very best people in industry as speakers and an audience that regularly includes experts and specialists from the fields of colour psychology, dyeing and finishing, colour management and leading high street brands. Once again there was dynamic Q&A discussion for every speaker between students and professional delegates. For the tutors and students present it was the perfect environment for building professional contacts for assistance in research, internships and employment. The SDC continue to do a great job in supporting the growth of the UK fashion and textiles industry with many essential skills programmes and students in their first career steps through ultra low membership fees, prestigious design competitions, valuable industry knowledge/skills events and links to industry for internships. With active regions in the UK and overseas, students and young professionals gain many employment personal development benefits from joining a local SDC committee which are friendly, supportive and fun. Shine out and be different let the SDC and its members help you to achieve the best you can be.

Our “World of Colour” is a changing place, so this event is different every year in order to reflect what’s new and relevant in colour design and industry. What will be relevant in trends and fashion?  I look forward to seeing you next year.

Check out the link to see up and coming SDC events and activities www.sdc.org.uk/event/.  If there is something you want to know about SDC or if you have a question about colour contact marketing@sdc.org.uk.

What do you think?  If there are events or activities you think SDC should be running, then please let us know.  We’d love to hear your comments.

Janet Best

Fashion colour specialist

natific UK operations manager

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