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Irish heat of the SDC International Design Competition

Paul Santokhi reports on this event.

The Ireland heat of the competition was held at NCAD in Dublin on the 20th June, very kindly hosted by Rachel Tuffy.

There were four entries from NCAD and three from University of Ulster. The judges were Judith Neilly and Rachel White. Judith is the design and development manager at John England (Franklins) a long established company specialising in linen products. She recently gave an inspirational talk to students at Belfast MET. Rachel is the last winner of the competition, which was held in Mumbai last November. During the buffet Rachel gave a short presentation of her experiences of the competition and her travels around India. She was an inspiration to the students present.

Each student had seven minutes to talk about their entry (five minutes presentation and two minutes of questions). The winner was Orla McCarthy from NCAD. The judges commented:

‘Whilst it wasn’t a palette of colours I would have chosen myself, I certainly would have purchased the resulting products’.

‘The research and inspirational images resulting from it had been used in a creative and commercial way. The entry was a breath of fresh air in a market that is often subject to copying’.

In second place was Hannah Granger from University of Ulster and in third place was Linda Moloney from NCAD. The judges commented that all the entries were of a very high calibre. Orla goes forward to represent Ireland at the grand final in China in November.

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