Buy less. Choose well.

Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality not quantity. Everybody if buying far too many clothes. (Dame Vivienne Westwood).

This is the theme for SDC’s International Design Competition in 2015. The brief was kindly written by Duncan Neil from Turnbull Prints.

We asked Duncan to give the background to the theme, and to explain some of the issues we hope the students will consider.

Duncan Neil

Duncan Neil

Duncan commented: “When asked if I would consider writing the brief for the 2015 SDC International Student Design Award, I began to think about what first ignited my passion for printing. The answer was experimentation; mixing processes and creating something new and exciting. But this was in my student days when I had no real concerns over how commercially viable the products created were. Working in a production unit we are commissioned to print goods for customers, costs are constrained by customers’ budgets and the purchasing power of consumers. As a company we are constantly striving to create new and exciting fabrics and processes, often due to the cost of these processes it can be difficult to place such developments in the market place. Much of this is down to the price consumers expect to pay for product which can limit the creativity and longevity of a finished product. If we can educate consumers on the science, time and cost that goes into creating beautiful fabrics and the durability of quality dyed, printed and embellished goods that last over cheaper, fast paced aesthetic trends, perhaps we can generate a new desire and appreciation of high quality goods and manufacturing. Yes these products will cost more, but they will last longer”.

Has this sparked your interest?

The SDC International Design Competition is open to fashion and textile undergraduates in Australia, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Pakistan, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand and the United Kingdom. The competition challenges students to ‘demonstrate the creative, imaginative and original use of colour in either fashion or textiles’.

For further details and a copy of the competition brief, please visit SDC’s website.

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