What colour are you? A focus on red

Red is worn by people who want to look smart and be noticed. You have lots of energy, are practical and ambitious with a sense of fun – an unashamed extrovert. Be careful though, you may be a little too dominant and appear aggressive.

As the colour of blood, red is symbolic of both life and death.

Symbolising humanitarianism in the form of the Geneva Convention and the Red Cross, or Red Crescent in Islamic countries. The faces of Sphinx were often painted red because the ancient Egyptians placed great value on extremes of complexion.

Red has the ability to increase our heart rate and blood pressure. It can make a room look smaller and feel warmer than it is in reality – one way to save on heating bills!

Red is often used in fast food outlets, because as a stimulant it encourages the diner to eat more quickly, thereby causing a faster turn-around in clientele.

The colour of ruby, Scorpio and Aries.

In heraldry, red represents courage and zeal.

Red Indians acquired their name from the now extinct tribe of the Newfoundland Beothuks who painted their bodies with red ochre.

In the Christian Church, red as the blood of Christ represents cruelty and martyrdom.

In the Catholic Church, Cardinals wear red robes to represent their position as soldiers of the Pope and the faith.

The colour of ritual from the blood of birth, fertility and initiation ceremonies to religion. The Mithras religion believed that eternal life could be attained by the drinking of blood. In the Christian Church, because He shed it for us, ‘The Blood of Christ’ is drunk during the Holy Communion service in the form of the Communion wine.

A symbol of love as epitomised by red hearts and roses.

The colour of death and calamity for the Celts.

An exciting colour engendering emotion and mass response, for example, nineteenth century revolutionaries often rallied round a red flag. In the twentieth century, some psychologists have explained the rise of Hitler and fascism in 1930s Germany, in terms of the powerful colour combination of red, black and white, used on their instantly recognisable flag.

What sort of person has a preference for red? You are often volatile, moving between extremes of emotion, but above all you require variety and challenge in your life. A dislike of red indicates that you may well be frustrated with life.

Red has long been associated with righteous anger and war, as the colour of Mars, the Roman god of war. Red is also associated with the god of wine, Bacchus, who was often portrayed with red wine.

Scarlet is the colour of Virgo and Gemini and the gemstone jasper.

But what colour are you? What does it say about you? In future blogs we’ll focus on other colours. In the meantime you might like to check out some of SDC’s colour resources.

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