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SDC EC Young Talent Search: 6th National Students’ Competition

By Dr K S Murthy, Pidilite Industries Ltd

SDC EC organised the 6th Young Talent Search competition in March 2016 at the Textiles Committee premises.

Mr Sachin Pulsay, Chairman welcomed the gathering and said the year began with a design competition culminating in Young Talent Search, workshops and seminars. Dr Ela Dedhia said that academic presentations by the students were carried out under the guidance of their research supervisors and the Young Talent Search was meaningful in terms of the value and joy of doing research.

A question and answer discussion enabled the judges to assess the potential. The first prize was sponsored by fibre2fashion, while Global Organic Standards (GOTS) and Tanul Laboratories India Private Ltd sponsored the First Runner up and Second Runner up prizes respectively.

Mr C N Sivaramakrishnan FSDC

Mr C N Sivaramakrishnan FSDC

Mr C N Sivaramakrishnan FSDC, with his stint of 38 years in wet processing and specialty chemicals manufacturing shared his thoughts and experiences in his opening remarks. The textile industry is grappling with environmental regulations and developments like super critical carbon dioxide for water free dyeing. The processing sector is energy intensive and solutions are under way for saving water, energy, chemicals etc. Noteworthy features are Bifunctional reactive dyes yielding relatively less effluents besides machinery manufacturers with low liquor (1:4) machines. He hoped that the students would address some of the challenging issues.

Technical Category

Young Talent Search 1First Prize: Mr Prasun Mathur, MTech student spoke on the “Development of hygienic cotton using onion peels” under the guidance of Prof M D Teli, ICT. To resolve environmental degradation, he focused on herbal materials like onion peels with a focus on antibacterial and medicinal property due to Quercetin contained in it. Dyeing 10-30% shades followed by testing K/S LAB values and fastness (washing, rubbing, light and antibacterial). Durability to multiple washes retained 65% antibacterial property.

First Runner up – Ms Namrata D Phulaware and Ms Archana Bansode, MTech students on “Low-Temperature Ultrasonic Dyeing of Silk” worked under the supervision of Dr S R Shukla, ICT. Novel techniques such as Ultrasonic, Radio frequency, Microwave and Infrared are used to conserve energy. They concluded that silk can be dyed at low temperature using ultrasound while dyeing time reduced to 30% with superior wash fastness, colourless effluent and without fibre degradation.

Second Runner up – Mr S Gowtham, BTech student of Kumarguru College of Technology, Coimbatore spoke on “Dry Dye Process – A New Development in Dyeing”. Dyecoo introduced the eco-friendly waterless dyeing process using super critical carbon dioxide having both properties like liquids (density) and viscosity and diffusivity (gas) at 31oC temperature and 73 atmosphere pressure. Super critical CO2 easily penetrates synthetic fabrics, swells polymer fibre and diffuses disperse dye within polymer. Vinylsulphone dyes are used for silk and cotton. Cost is low and post treatment is not required and the benefit is saving of water.

The other presentations included:

  • Advancement in Eco-friendly Coloration Technologies for Textiles.
  • Developments in Air-Dyeing Technology.
  • Dyeing – A Silver Lining.
  • Advances in Dyeing and Finishing Industry.

Mr A V Shankar (Britacel Silicones Ltd), Mr Saurab Gupta (AEON Chemicals) and Dr Nilesh Kanoongo (Consultant) were the judges for this category.

Fashion and Design Category

First Prize: Ms Juhi Agarwal on “Sustainable development of Hibiscus Sabdariffa – indigenous practices” under the supervision of Dr Ela Dedhia, SNDT Women’s University. Natural fibres are sustainable, renewable and biodegradable, with less carbon imprint and a good alternative to cotton. Mesta fibres are vibrant in morphology with applications in the textiles, medical sector and fashion industry and they look like jute fibre. She aimed at investigating the effect of anaerobic microbial retting and water retting on the fibre yield, strength, fineness, colour, lustre and density of mesta fibre.

First Runner up: Pooja Raju Pawar MSc student under the supervision of Dr Reena Bhatia, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara spoke on “Reinventing the tribal cloth of Chhota Udepur, Gujarat – A colour story”. The cloth is 1.3 metres long and 0.6 metres wide using cotton yarn with painting. The basic colours used are red, black, green and yellow. Products are made from both traditional and reinvented cloths. The tribal cloth sports a new look for a new market especially through product diversification with colour as the focus to help the craft revive and sustain both the weavers and the craft.

Second Runner up: Ms Shorat Saiyed MSc student under the supervision of Dr Reena Bhatia, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda spoke on “Craft Sustainability through Design Intervention – Focus on Colour”. She spoke on craft as an activity which involves technology skills, sustainability, handloom and design intervention for traditional craft to meet new challenges and engineer design. The objective was to sustain the Ikat craft of Surendranagar – Gujarat through design intervention. This intervention has given new product to the craft to ensure it is sustainable when the world is changing.

Ms Arushi Agnihotri made a presentation on “Rogan Painting, a rare art of Kutch, Gujarat”. The purpose of the study is changing times and fashion, optimising traditional and contemporary motifs and creating awareness of this art.

Mr Pramod Sharma (Park Avenue), Mr.Anup Kumar (Style Globe) and Ms Pinky Kotecha (Best Sellers Fashions India Private Ltd) were the judges for this category.

Mr Sandip Singh thanked the judges, winners, runners up and other participants, sponsors and the audience for making the competition a success.

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