Quirky Cool Colouring Challenge!

Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with Malcolm the Weaver, the colourful character from the Weaver of a Life in Colour and The Rainbow that Mixed Colours and the Moon that Shone Dark children’s books. Written by SDC member Malcolm Campbell and published by the SDC, the books introduce children to the world of colour and textiles.

The Malcolm the Weaver project has really taken off in the last year. Following a sponsorship model the SDC have garnered support from a diverse range of companies and individuals in order to give the books to schools for free. Over 2,000 books were sponsored in 2016 and sent to schools in Yorkshire, the London region, Scotland and as far afield as Australia!

Malcolm has been busy visiting schools, reading and weaving with future generations and developing further support for the project. He’s also been working on the third book in the Malcolm the Weaver series. Our brilliant illustrator, Sharon Campbell has been working on some wonderful new illustrations and we hope to see a publication date early in 2017.

malcolm-the-weaver-imageWe have recently created the Children’s Cool Colouring Challenge and have sent invitations to take part to all the schools that have received a sponsored book. Entrants are invited to colour in the characters from the books in whatever medium they choose. The competition closes just before Christmas and will be judged by a panel of colouring in experts. The winners will be in with a chance of winning signed copies of the book and other goodies to start them on their colour education journey! Please take a look at our Malcolm the Weaver website and have a peep at what we are doing.

At a recent visit to Giggleswick Junior and Primary Schools for World Book Day Malcolm engaged with over 150 young weavers. James Mundell the Head commented: “Your book inspired the children to really think about weaving, colour and textiles. This encouraged a fun morning focusing on different types of weaving which involved all our children from aged 3 to 11, with many working collaboratively together, which is also an important skill. The children produced lots of fabulous designs, including a large piece in which they all took turns to weave a few lines. This is now on display at school and is a constant reminder of what a lovely day we had.”

Malcolm also engaged with some young weavers at Glasgow Clyde College on a taster day. The visit was organised by Jacqueline Farrel, and this is what she had to say.

“We had a fantastic day yesterday with Malcolm Campbell, weaver and author of a children’s book on weaving. He gave a reading to the age 3-5 room at the children’s centre and donated signed copies of his book. We followed his storytelling up by taking the children to the weave room in the skills centre where they all had a go under the supervision of our students and produced some lovely fabric that our BA students were jealous of. I think this picture captures the sheer joy that creativity brings. We all loved the experience – young and old!”

The wonderful image at the top perfectly portrays the delight of weaving!

Weaver of a Life in Colour and The Rainbow that Mixed Colours and The Moon that Shone Dark, are available to buy from SDC’s online shop. For Malcolm the Weaver queries please email: MtW@sdc.org.uk.

To find out more about SDC’s Colour Experience activities, take a look at our website.

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