Colour Events 02 and 03

SDC EC in association with Manipal University, Jaipur and Mody University, Sikar organised this lecture series on various topics relating to coloration and textiles.

These lectures were attended by more than 70 students, faculties, Heads of the Department and principals from the institute. The events were also attended by industry professionals.

An introduction to SDC was followed by the first presentation the ‘Future of Polyester Coloration’ by Mr J K Srivastava ASDC, General Manager, Poddar Pigments Ltd Jaipur.

Nowadays, polyester has gained a dominating position over other synthetic fibres. However, it has certain limitations such as its dye ability and low moisture regain. Due to the absence of reactive groups, polyester is being conventionally dyed with disperse dyes at high temperature under high pressure. Alternatively, it can be dyed at boiling temperature by adding carriers which impact the environment. Such carriers are now banned.

Mass coloration is the technique wherein the colour is added to the molten polymer of polyester during the melt-spinning process before the fibre is formed. In the discussion at the event, the focus was given mainly to mass coloration and the textile dyeing process in order to discuss the merits and demerits of the two processes.

The second presentation was on ‘Wool to Rugs – Design’, which was presented by Mr Vikram Singh, Design and Production Manager, who talked about the procedure of making rugs from wool. With the help of slides and videos he explained all the steps from sharing, sorting washing and separating wools based on their quality. He talked through the process of blending, combing, spinning and reeling of the wool, how the yarn is made from wool, dyeing the wool yarns, the types of rugs and different styles of weaving the rugs.

The third presentation was by Mr Sanjay Katode. Mr Katode is currently working in Dystar India Pvt. Ltd in business development – laundry. Denim is everybody’s garment. It has inspired strong opinions from historians, teenagers and movies stars, and has acquired different styles over the years. In 2021, the global denim market is expected to grow over 900 million pieces. Original solid blue colour is not attractive to the consumer hence various wet and dry processes are applied on garment to create effects. He gave details of denim washing and trends.

For details of forthcoming events please visit the website.

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