Garment processing… green economics

SDC EC organised a half day seminar on the topic ‘Garment processing… green economics’ in Bangalore, India.

The event was attended by more than 70 delegates from the textile industry, academic institutions and government organisations, to address issues on garment processing and ways to reduce the environmental impact of dyes and chemicals.

The Chief Guest for the event Mr Pratap Kumar – Managing Director, Wonder Blues in his speech mentioned that the transformation of Bangalore city into a garment HUB started in the late eighties and has been evolving ever since to combat the city’s pollution level and he urged all industrialists to ‘go green’ and follow all norms set by the pollution control board. His speech was appreciated by the audience and later considered during the panel discussion as well.

The inaugural session was followed by technical presentations and a panel discussion.

Mr Manuj Kanchan, GM, South Asia, Jeanologia, Bengaluru in his presentation mentioned about the importance of automation and sustainability in denim washing. It was revealed that almost seven billion jeans are produced in a year with an average consumption of 65 lit of water per denim jeans.

Mr Manuj raised his concerns about depleting natural resources especially water against the increasing pollution and health hazards. He said that there ought to be a change in the existing system to make denim more sustainable and keep indigo alive in fashion. He explained how his company, Jeanologia has been working on sustainability for the last 10 years and proudly presented the Laundry 5.0 version where one can make denim jeans more sustainable using jeanologia laser, ozone and eflow technology through new age wash processes.

Dr N N Mahapatra, President, COLORANT LTD in his presentation gave an overview of garment dyeing and how it has gained popularity not only in India but also developing countries like Bangladesh, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Cambodia. He also made a mention of sustainable natural fibres – Bamboo, Soyabean and Banana – sustainable processes – waterless dyeing and salt free dyeing of cationised cotton in his presentation.

The concluding session and a highlight of the event was the panel discussion on the topic Green Economics – Garment perspective; that included eminent panellists from industry namely Mr Kaliappan RM, Asst. VP & Head Sourcing Operations (Woven), Arvind Lifestyle Brands Limited; who described the processes followed by Arvind brands in this direction and Mr K L Gopalakrishna, Vice President – Technical (IIGM Pvt Ltd); who emphasised the importance of machinery to be able to handle less water usage and more importantly stressed the importance of training in this area to make workers more sensitive to the concerns. Mr Suresh Balram, Director – Material, New Times, India; spoke on the initiatives taken by his organisation many years now in this context. Mr Ganesh H R, Director – Jindo Chemicals P Ltd (Jintex Group, Taiwan); eloquently explained the preparedness of chemical companies in this direction. Mr Shanmugam Sambanthan, Head – Textile & Forest Industries, Asia Pacific Novozymes; spoke on the role of enzymes in their contribution to green garments. Mr V R Sai Ganesh moderated this session.

The event presented many actionable steps for leveraging sustainability as the key to garment and textile processing as a whole. It concluded with a ‘Vote of Thanks’ by Hon. Vice Chairman, Mr Sandeep Singh.

For details of future events, check the website.

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