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Introducing SDC’s unique Colour Education Pathway

As an educational charity the SDC offers courses and qualifications in the coloration of textiles. We’re also a global membership organisation and a centre for networking and community engagement. We work with people from technical and design backgrounds, addressing the skill gaps and training needs of young people and those already working in the textile industry. In this blog we take a look at some of the courses available.

Key to SDC’s innovative colour education pathway is the Colour Network, the SDC’s online learning platform. This combines web-based tutorials, delivered through a series of engaging videos, leading to recognised certificates and qualifications.

The colour education pathway includes:

Short courses – bite size education on a range of colour-related topics, enabling students to learn at a time and pace they choose. The courses end with an online quiz and certificate for successful students. Recently launched is an Introduction to Colour, which covers the basic concepts of colour, building skills and confidence and enabling students to work more effectively.

CSI Workshops. These are short investigative workshops which are ideal for delivery to groups of students or employees and great for team building. They also come with all the resources for individual study. Each CSI Workshop includes a session plan and instructions plus access to online videos and workbooks. Available now is a CSI Workshop on Colour Communication which teaches students about fibres, dyes and colour communication.

There are further short courses in the pipeline. Also available on the Colour Network are a whole range of free short courses designed to help you learn about the coloration of textiles. Take a look to see what’s available, and there are more courses being added all the time. You’ll need to set up a free account to access the courses, but it’s quick and easy to do.

The Foundation Textile Coloration Certificate (FTCC) and Textile Coloration Certificate (TCC) address the training needs of young people entering the textile dyeing industry. The FTCC is a one-year entry level course which gives an introduction to textile coloration. The TCC covers the fundamental textile coloration principles and processes is a two-year advanced learning course.

Associateship (ASDC), which is equivalent to a UK honours degree and the only professional qualification for colourists worldwide. This leads ultimately to Chartered Colourist.

By learning with the SDC you will benefit from our unique coloration expertise. SDC’s immersive learning is taught by global experts and builds skills and colour capability for individuals and organisations.

What could our pathway do for you?

If you’re a member of SDC you can benefit from a 15% discount on the short courses and CSI Workshops. Please contact us for details and a discount code. Find out more by visiting the Colour Network or by emailing edu@sdc.org.uk

Not yet a member? Come and join us! Take a look at the website or email: members@sdc.org.uk for details.


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If you’re new to SDC, we ‘educate the changing world in the science of colour’.

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