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Introducing SDC’s unique Colour Education Pathway

As an educational charity the SDC offers courses and qualifications in the coloration of textiles. We’re also a global membership organisation and a centre for networking and community engagement. We work with people from technical and design backgrounds, addressing the skill gaps and training needs of young people and those already working in the textile industry. In this blog we take a look at some of the courses available.

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Would you benefit from an SDC Bursary?

The SDC Bursary Scheme provides financial assistance to emerging young professionals.  This support has been used to create portfolios, final collections, undertake research trips and purchase equipment.  The scheme is open to students reading a broad range of subjects including art, design, science and technology.  Would you benefit from receiving an SDC Bursary?  Read on for further details of the scheme, and how it has benefited some of the recipients.

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