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The Colours of Santa Claus

The legend of Father Christmas, or Santa Claus, has evolved over many years. Whilst we may be familiar with him now as a large, jolly man in a red suit, this image has evolved over time, influenced by folklore and religion. Santa didn’t simply spring to life fully formed and wearing his familiar suit.

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The colours of Christmas

What colours are associated with Christmas?  In the first of two festive blogs, we take a look at some of the colours we traditionally associate with Christmas.

Most people, particularly in western Europe, think of red, green and gold. Whilst some attribute the popularity of these colours to the Victorians, the colours have a symbolic meaning which goes back through the centuries. Although the Victorians embraced Christmas and introduced a number of the traditions we still see today, the significance of the colours goes back through history to the Middle Ages and possibly earlier.

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