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Where can textile colour education take you?

SDC member Kate Lloyd reports on her colour education and membership journey.

The SDC have approached me to write a little about myself and about my involvement with them. I don’t really know what to tell you, except I feel so lucky to have access to a resource that so effectively brings together designers, technologists, students, academics and industry experts to share their thoughts, ideas and expertise on colour.

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A World of Colour in London

This SDC London region event took place at London College of Fashion.  With thanks to SDC members Sue Williams and Pat Hardcastle for writing the report.

Richard Ashworth, SDC’s Colour Experience Manager, gave his annual address then gave it a twist when we learnt how humans need red, green and blue sensors before we discovered a shrimp can see colour better than we can in some ways. We learnt about the evolution of colour vision and also colour deficiency which can be determined by the Ishihara test, and which affects 1/8 males and 0.05% females due to genetics. If we stared at colours we learnt that the complementary colours would be seen due to the de-saturation of the cones where we would see an after image of the complementary colours. Due to simultaneous contrast it seemed we could see more colours than were presented. Hence the brain can be fooled.

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SDC training – what’s in it for me?

Andrew Filarowski, Technical Director, takes a look at SDC’s training.

As many of you will be aware, SDC has offered training on different aspects of coloration for many years, and we have a programme of courses coming up in the UK. A question I’m often asked is “what’s in it for me? It sounds interesting but I’m really busy and it isn’t really a priority is it?” I have been involved in the textile industry for many years and I am passionate about passing on knowledge about textiles and coloration. So I thought I would take this opportunity to talk through some of the questions that are often asked on these courses, and some of the problems the training can help to solve. It is my belief that education and learning results in a host of benefits including, cost reductions, better communication with your suppliers, ultimately making your job easier.

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