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What colour are you? A focus on white

White is an achromatic colour, meaning literally “without colour”. The word has roots in various languages, and means ‘to be bright or blinding’.

In 1666, Isaac Newton demonstrated that white light could be broken up into its composite colours by passing it through a prism. Before Newton, most scientists believed that white was the fundamental colour of light.

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What colour are you? A focus on Purple and Violet

Are you a dreamer, hate responsibility and have high, perhaps unobtainable standards and goals? Yes? Then you are likely to express a preference for shades of purple and violet. You may also be sensitive, display great taste and appreciate music and the arts. On the downside, you have a tendency to be temperamental.

But what if you hate violet? Well, you probably don’t like close relationships and dislike all forms of conceit, pretence and vanity.

So where do the phrases ‘born in the purple’ or ‘born to be purple’ originate from?

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What colour are you? A focus on grey

We start with problems over the name – is it grey or gray? Either way, it’s a colour between black and white. However, it is achromatic, meaning literally that it is “without colour”.

The first recorded use of grey as a colour name in English was around AD 700. Although ‘gray’ was commonly used in the UK until the mid 20th century, now ‘grey’ is the dominant spelling in the UK whereas ‘gray’ is the preferred American spelling.

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