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Ajrakh – the beautiful world of block printed cloth

By Debbie Bamford, SDC member and trustee

On 19th May 2016 SDC organised an International Day, attended by SDC regional representatives from around the world. SDC was honoured to be presented with a book and scarf by Dr Ela M Dedhia to celebrate 10 years of SDC EC in India.

The shawl is Ajrakh – printed with wood blocks and the book is Ajrakh Impressions and Expressions by Ela herself and Ms Manju Hundekar.

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Avena Carpets – weaving the threads of history

A chance comment from SDC Trustee Debbie Bamford about a Crossley Carpet in her parents’ home led to a visit to Avena Carpets, the last remaining narrow loom Belgium Axminster weaver in the country, and still based in the Crossley Mills complex in Halifax where it all began.

There is something to be said for some of the old techniques used in textiles. Some have never been improved on, they have been equalled but not necessarily improved on, and this is what Avena Carpets do.

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