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Technicolor is 100 years old – or is it?

These days we take colour on the big screen for granted, but 100 years ago it was brand new – or was it?  Andrew Filarowski reports on the history of Technicolor

The wonder that is Technicolor bringing colour to the big screen movies is 100 years old. Exactly when is a moot point as Dr Herbert Kalmus set up the company in 1912 but it was incorporated in 1915.

Charlie Chaplin once famously said that people will never need either colour or sound and how wrong was he!

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COMIC computer


This fantastic piece of equipment looks like it’s come straight from the set of a 1950s science fiction B-movie. With its tiny oscil­loscope screen and seemingly hundreds of dials, switches, buttons, lights and meters this machine attracts plenty of attention from visi­tors to the SDC Colour Experience. Its official title is a Davidson and Hemmendinger 1958 Colourant Mixture Computer, but it’s gener­ally known as the COMIC. COMIC was the first analogue computer for predicting dye recipes to create a desired colour.

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